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“Welcome to the Faculty of Forestry. We’re in the University of British Columbia, which is one of Canada’s top universities and in fact one of the top universities in the world. The university is located in Vancouver, which is considered to be one of the most desirable places in the world to live in. We’re a safe city and we’re a beautiful city that provides an incredible background for your studies here at the university.

Forests go far beyond British Columbia, they cover 1/3 of the Earth’s land surface. Without forests, we wouldn’t have the biodiversity that we rely on so much and they need to be looked after.

You have the opportunity to contribute to the management of those forests. Students coming to our faculty have a wide range of different topics they can study. Students take advantage of our large co-op program that enables them to go get work experience during the course of their degree.

Our faculty is really quite special, we’re one of the smaller faculties in the university, but that confers us with many advantages. We have a very favourable student to faculty member ratio. What that translates to is individual attention for our students. We also have a very strong student support group and they are able to ensure that the students here have a wonderful experience and that they are able to complete their degrees in a timely fashion. Our faculty is growing.

We are in the process of introducing a number of new programs including two really exciting undergraduate programs. One of these is going to be in Urban Forestry and the other is going to be dealing with bio materials and bio energy. We also have a vibrant graduate program. Those graduate students form the core of our research enterprise and they include both Masters and PhD students. Employers are coming and looking for our students from as far away as Australia and South Africa.

Our students are achieving almost 100% employment. It’s a great place to come and study if you want a career in the environment, in Wood Products Processing or Forestry. Forestry is much more than you realize.” — Dr. John Innes

院长 – John L Innes

教育经历:文学学士 (1979), 文学硕士 (1983), 博士 (1983) 英国剑桥大学
Office of the Dean
Faculty of Forestry
University of British Columbia 2nd Floor
Forest Sciences Centre #2045
2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6T 1Z4
电话: 604-822-6761
传真: 604-822-9106

林学院院长 Dean – Faculty of Forestry
森林更新项目不列颠哥伦比亚省主席 Forest Renewal BC Chair in Forest Management

研究方向 Research interests:


设计合适的监测系统是森林管理的重要部分。一个主管必须要了解: 如果自己的管理方法有一些特别的改变,在实际中是否会取得预期的效果。为了实现这个目的,必须要有适当的系统来规范这些指标。另外,因为不同的人对于”成功的森林管理”有着不同的看法,所以我们必须对”成功的森林管理”的组成部分有更好的理解。因此,我们正在研究在森林和国家公园中成功实现共同管理的案例。

目前我们还和许多原住民一起探讨他们是在怎样应用可持续森林管理。我们在育空地区 (Yukon Territory) 的工作包括气候变化对于以森林为生的社区的影响和这些社区如何应对环境变化。这和我们在不列颠哥伦比亚省北部地区对于原住民社区发展的累加影响的研究的联系在一起。在不列颠哥伦比亚省的其他地区,我们还在研究是什么因素影响原住民应用可持续森林管理方法的能力和相关的阻碍。


当前研究 Current Research:

– 可持续森林管理在和中国闽江流域的应用
– 中国国家森林认证标准的发展
– 影响原住民实践可持续森林管理能力的因素
– 国家公园和公有林共同管理协议的有效性
– 育空省北部地区对于气候变化的应对
– 气候变化对于育空省森林生态系统的影响
– 可持续森林管理的社会经济指标
– 林业活动对斜坡稳定性的影响

所获奖项 Awards:

– 国际林业研究机构联合会科学成就奖 (1995) – IUFRO Scientific Achievement Award (1995)
– 2005/2006 总理创新入围奖 – Premier’s Award 2005/2006 – Innovation. Finalist

讲授课程 Courses Taught:

FRST 424 可持续森林管理
FRST 439 国际林业
FRST 525C 林地管理中存在的问题
BASD 502 全球环境问题

出版物 Publications:

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Faculty of Forestry
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Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4, Canada
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